Complex heart surgery for Junitalia

Two-year-old Junitalia from Timor-Leste was a very sick little girl. She was diagnosed with a Tetralogy of Fallot (ToF) which meant her little heart had multiple problems and required urgent open heart surgery. Junitalia was referred to ROMAC for assistance.

Miraculous surgical treatment saves Teretoriano

Teretoriano was referred to ROMAC by the Biro Pite Clinic in Timor-Leste. He had been diagnosed with a Wilm’s tumour of the kidney. As his mother had suffered TB, Teretoriano’s grandmother Claudina had to accompanied him. He arrived very ill and had to have immediate surgery

A future ahead for brave Celestina

Working together we can achieve miracles! ROMAC teamed up with the new Global Program at Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, and Children’s First Foundation to not only save a life but to make a whole new future for Tina.

Baby Quivania complex condition no barrier for ROMAC

After arriving from Timor Leste, baby Quivania and her mother Ana, pictured with Liane Corbett ROMAC District helper, were in the care of Dr David Lord at Children’s Hospital, Westmead. Dr. Lord’s specialty is Paediatric Interventional Radiology and Medical Imaging.

Baby Jofi Progressed Well After Cardiac Surgery

8 months old baby boy Jofi came into Mater Children’s Hospital in Brisbane from Timor Leste with his mother Efizenia. Jofi has a serious cardiac condition, which caused some concern.

An Amazing Journey for Timorese Baby

Our West Australian ROMAC team had a wonderful experience with two year old heart patient Bakita and her mother Rita after their arrival in Perth.