Jasminah breathes again

Jasminah is a 16-month-old girl from Vanuatu who failed to thrive from birth and had frequent respiratory tract infections. She was diagnosed with a ventricular septal defect (VSD) during a clinic held by Dr John Stirling in Vanuatu in early 2019.

Jasminah and her mother Angelina arrived in Ronald McDonald House in Auckland, New Zealand in July. After completing pre-tests and assessments, she had remedial surgery undertaken by cardiothoracic surgeon Dr John Artrip. She was initially very apprehensive of strangers but with Josie Adriaansen of Browns Bay Rotary supporting her and her mother Angelina she quickly relaxed for routine post-operative assessments. She is no longer breathless and has returned home fit and well, just over six weeks after her arrival.

For more information, read an update to her story in the December 22 edition of our E-News.

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